Learning how to Screencast

This week we used the screencast App on our Chromebooks for the first time. There was lots to think about so we started by reading a text we had written. This will help us focus on using our device and the screencast app confidently.  Also we can practise how we are speaking when we record our voice. When we listened to our recordings we noticed that our voices sound a lot different.

You can read more about this on our class site and see a helpful video too.

One thought on “Learning how to Screencast

  1. Ni Hao Room 6!

    We really enjoyed learning about the screencast app, and our teacher is going to see if we can get them on our chromebooks because we really want to try this!
    Was filming yourself for everyone to be able to see scary or weird?
    What tips could you give us?

    Poutama Class @ Poroutawhao School

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