Welcome to Room 6 and Term 1

As we near the end of our first term for 2024, we reflect on some our learning and shared experiences. We spent the first couple of weeks discussing and responding to our new whakatauki or motivational proverb “Reach for the Stars – Whawhai atu mo nga whetu.” We know we can achieve whatever we decide on because we have the suppot of our whanau, teachers and one another. We are looking forward to finding out how many stars we can reach this year.

We also discussed, shared and then voted on what we wanted our class to look like, sound like and feel like and like Nanda, we all signed our Class Treaty for the year, promising to try to follow the rules:

At the end of February, we were lucky enough to have a day’s sailing down at the Panmure Basin. We were very excited but also a bit nervous as none of us had sailed before. Once we put our life jackets on and got a few tips from Steph about launching our boats and using the sail and rudder, we were off. The weather was perfect and we had the best day.


In this last week of term we designed and created an outfit out of recycled materials as it was part of our Wearable Waste week. During our Young Ocean Explorers learning, we learned about the devastation litter has on our oceans and the sea life in it. We decided to do our bit by bringing recyclable litter to school to upcycle. We worked very hard on our creations and presented our outfits to the rest of the school at our Fashion Show:


Have a happy and safe holiday, to all our families. See you back next term.



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