Film Festival: The Stolen Princess

Our film this year evolved from a box of sprouting potatoes, which we were going to plant in our veggie patch!! Then our vivid imaginations created a story about a Princess potato being kidnapped by aliens. We had fun creating potato people and Ms Toland taught us how to make a ‘stop motion’ film. We hope you enjoy watching our film as much as we enjoyed making it.

8 thoughts on “Film Festival: The Stolen Princess

  1. Malo e lelei room 6 my name is Elena from room 23 at Ptengland England school. I liked how you decorated the potato. How did you make the people move in the move?
    My favourite part was when she took the crown back .How did you make the rocketship
    I hope you can watch our movie
    From Elena

  2. Hi Room 6

    This is amazing that you guys create this movie .I’m thinking that you guys had a lot of fun making the movie.

    keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Room 6
    I really love the behind the scenes my favourite part was the aliens they looked terrible and squishy. I love this movie so much.

  4. Hi Room 6,
    I like how you made the stop-motion movie and how you did the behind the scenes
    part.You should try and raise your voice a little bit but i understand that it always sounds distorted,I like how you guys made the movie by yourselves.Good job on
    making this.

  5. Hi i am Eldrich I think this should win multiple awards because this is soo cool! My favorite part was when the princess got abducted from tentacle potato monsters.

  6. Kamusta Room 6,
    I really like the animation of the stolen princess and I was impress with your movie because there were lots of potatoes and its so exciting and there were lots of fighting and a princess got kidnapped by a monster potato and get saved by Heros and it is so great.

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