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Mālō e lelei, Kia ora, Talofa lava, Kamusta

We are Room 6 from Saint Patrick’s School in Panmure, Auckland. We celebrated our 175th Jubilee on March 17th, 2023. We care for each other and our school. Using kind words and helpful actions is important to us. We are grateful for all our friends and always try to include everyone. Room 6 really enjoys sharing our learning with each other and on our blogs. We have a big field where we can play games and sports. We also enjoy welcoming people to our school.

Making a person with shapes by Paula

Today this morning Mrs Grant came to teach us how to use shapes to make people and I made this person. This is how to make a person. We had to go on shapes, then pick a happy face, then get a square and then put it down for the body. Then  press the lines to make the legs and then do little circles for the shoes. It was a bit tricky to do it but it’s very easy for me. Then I added a Tongan flag because that is my culture. Here is my Person and my Tongan flag.  Visit my blog 


Using our Chromebook Faster

Today we learnt about some of the clever Keyboard shortcuts on our chromebooks. We also practised using our touchpad to drag and drop which can sometimes be a bit tricky. Mrs Agnew was impressed by how collaborative we were when we needed help. Problem solving together and helping each other made this a lot of fun too. We are going to be sharing our top Keyboard shortcut tips on our own blogs this week. See the links to our blogs on the left. Leave us a comment and share your top keyboard shortcut tips.

Quality Blog Comments

This week we have been exploring quality blog comments. We have been finding out what makes a quality blog post and then looking for positive, helpful, thoughtful things we can see in the post.

Then we used sentence starters to practice thinking of different ways we can create our comments. We found out it is important to personalise our comments so that the person reading it can take away positive, thoughtful or helpful tips that they can think about the next time they are creating their post.



Room 6

Film Festival: The Stolen Princess

Our film this year evolved from a box of sprouting potatoes, which we were going to plant in our veggie patch!! Then our vivid imaginations created a story about a Princess potato being kidnapped by aliens. We had fun creating potato people and Ms Toland taught us how to make a ‘stop motion’ film. We hope you enjoy watching our film as much as we enjoyed making it.

Film Festival Fun!

Kia Ora,

Welcome to Room 6’s Edublog. We are a class at St Patrick’s School with Year 4 and 5 learners. We are looking forward to sharing our learning on here with you.

Last term we spent time learning about how to create a movie using stop motion. We learnt about all the different parts of making a movie eg Moving making, set design, character creation and much more.



We really enjoyed collaborating with our friends, having fun as well as lots of patience as we have to edit our movies and take lots of photos to be able to create our stop motion!


Here are some of the characters that were in our movie – no spoilers because we will be adding our movie on here in a few weeks when we get ready for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. A sneak peak is that our movie is called “The Stolen Princess”.



What do you predict our movie is going to be about? Why do you think that? 

Let us know in the comments.

That’s all for now…

Room 6


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