Learning how to Screencast

This week we used the screencast App on our Chromebooks for the first time. There was lots to think about so we started by reading a text we had written. This will help us focus on using our device and the screencast app confidently.  Also we can practise how we are speaking when we record our voice. When we listened to our recordings we noticed that our voices sound a lot different.

You can read more about this on our class site and see a helpful video too.


Today we explored Tangrams to practise and gain confidence navigating our keyboard and keyboard shortcuts.

A tangram includes 7 shapes or polygons that can be moved, rotated and flipped to create objects, animals and people.

First we practised the keyboard shortcuts to move, rotate and flip. Then we tried some of the Tangram challenges.

Visit our learning site to see more about the Tangram Challenge.

Marble Week

This week was Marble Week in Room 6. We didn’t know what to expect but we had fun and learned a lot about speed. We all had our own marble bags and a few marbles to play with. The big ones were heavy. We watched a few videos about marble games people have played a long time ago. Did you know that the first marbles were made from stone and clay and have been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs? We were amazed at all the games we could make up under the canopy:


Then we worked with a partner and we had to design a marble run. We each drew a design on a piece of paper and then we had to discuss which parts we liked. Then we collected materials to use from around the classroom and started building.


The best part was when we had  stuck up a few runs with tape and we experimented with the marbles to see how fast or slowly they rolled. The hardest part was getting them to stay on the run if we had made a very steep one. We had to do heaps of adjustments all the time but we got there in the end.

We learned that the gentler the slope, the slower the marble rolled and we had more control over the direction it could go next. We learned about potential and kinetic energy – by picking up the marble it has potential energy and it has kinetic energy when it is rolling down the runs.



Mālō e lelei, Kia ora, Talofa lava, Kamusta

We are Room 6 from Saint Patrick’s School in Panmure, Auckland. We celebrated our 175th Jubilee on March 17th, 2023. We care for each other and our school. Using kind words and helpful actions is important to us. We are grateful for all our friends and always try to include everyone. Room 6 really enjoys sharing our learning with each other and on our blogs. We have a big field where we can play games and sports. We also enjoy welcoming people to our school.

Making a person with shapes by Paula

Today this morning Mrs Grant came to teach us how to use shapes to make people and I made this person. This is how to make a person. We had to go on shapes, then pick a happy face, then get a square and then put it down for the body. Then  press the lines to make the legs and then do little circles for the shoes. It was a bit tricky to do it but it’s very easy for me. Then I added a Tongan flag because that is my culture. Here is my Person and my Tongan flag.  Visit my blog 


Using our Chromebook Faster

Today we learnt about some of the clever Keyboard shortcuts on our chromebooks. We also practised using our touchpad to drag and drop which can sometimes be a bit tricky. Mrs Agnew was impressed by how collaborative we were when we needed help. Problem solving together and helping each other made this a lot of fun too. We are going to be sharing our top Keyboard shortcut tips on our own blogs this week. See the links to our blogs on the left. Leave us a comment and share your top keyboard shortcut tips.

Kia ora, we are Room 6

Today we created new blog profiles for our blogs. First we explored some blogs from other bloggers. We thought carefully about the information they were sharing on their blogs.

Next we wrote our blog profiles and shared them on our blogs. The links to our blogs are in the sidebar on the left. See more about what we are learning and leave us a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment.