Kia ora, we are Room 6

Today we created new blog profiles for our blogs. First we explored some blogs from other bloggers. We thought carefully about the information they were sharing on their blogs.

Next we wrote our blog profiles and shared them on our blogs. The links to our blogs are in the sidebar on the left. See more about what we are learning and leave us a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment.

2 thoughts on “Kia ora, we are Room 6

  1. Kia ora Room 6, we are Poutama Class from all the way down in Poroutawhao (which is half way between Levin and Foxton, which is just over an hour north of Wellington.

    What kind of things did you share on your own blogs and how did you decide what was OK to share? Some of us are still waiting to get our own blogs, so we are interested to see what kind of things we should share. We do know that we shouldn’t share our full names. What things do you recommend that we should share on our individual blogs when we all get them?

    – Poutama Class

  2. Kia ora Poutamu Class,
    we are very excited to be connecting with you this year. We enjoy sharing learning we are excited about and proud of on our blogs. So far this year we have shared a post for our blog profile. We had to think carefully about what information we are sharing. If you look at our blogs you can see a link to the blog profile. We also like sharing our Cybersmart learning too. At the moment we are learning to be confident with our keyboard and touch pad. We look forward to exploring your individual blogs too.
    from Room 6 @ Saint Patrick’s School

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